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Kryum Metals
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Kryum Metals

Kryum is now the european office of Beijing Beiye Functional Materials Corporation

one of the most important industry based in China for scientific research, manufacturing and production of metallic functional materials. 

Founded in 1960, with up to 1000 employees in an area of 208 000 m2, with over 44 millions $ in assets and 54 millions $ of annual sales, BEIYE have developped over 200 items of metallic functional material and over 2,000 varieties in specifications, meeting the highest standards (REACH, ROHS, ISO 9001:2008).   

The BEIYE products combine a wide range of properties that make our functional materials the ideals and essential products to meet the exacting requirements of many products of high accuracy and are used in the most varied fields (Automotive, Aeronautical, Aerospace, Energies, Nuclear, Electronic, Telecommunication, Oil & Gas, etc...). 

kryum metals,exclusive european office of BEIYE, distributes in all Europe all BEIYE products:

KRYUM METALS is your contact in Europe when it comes to offering and supplying high functional materials and is committed to providing: service, flexibility, quality and reliability.

Any direct request for quote, contact us.

[email protected] 

Note : possibility of special grades, and we can therefore provide any quantity of material, whether small or large, according to the customer requirements 
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